Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cage Booties!

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes" - Oprah.


Then again who doesn't? Here is a peek into my shoe closet.

Just kidding.Thats Mariah Carey's fabulous shoe closet.

Right now I am digging these Cage booties and Ginny Mesh Platform Bootie from Neiman Marcus.And it costs $995 and $395.

If you want an Edgier Platform booties.Try Camilla Skovgaard's dark grey cage booties at $560.

But If you are like me and searching for more frugal option for booties.Try these Basketweave Seasonless Stiletto Bootie which costs $59.

Another option are these Caged laced up open toe booties which costs $42.99.

Or these Qupid Luxe Truce Cage Bootie Sandal which are $35.20.
"I'm not home, but my shoes are. Leave them a message" Carrie Bradshaw's answering machine on Sex and the City.So leave me some comments :) .

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  1. LOVE..LOVE..LOVE these cage booties.I got one from JCP.